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25 Years of Expertise in Water Treatment

We don’t offer hundreds of different products for hundreds of different problems. WAMAX water & environment company offer specific, environmentally safe solutions to clean aquatic environments of every kind.

Specializing in comprehensive and integrated solutions (from concept to commissioning) our focus remains on delivering cost effective, easy to operate, compact and portable plants with the aim of achieving maximum recycling of treated effluent..

Services that we offer

  • Consultancy
  • Water Management Surveys
  • Design & Engineering
  • Service Audits for Plant
  • Erection and Commissioning
  • O & M Contracts
  • Upgrading & Modernization of Plant
  • Annual Maintenance contracts (AMC)
  • Plumbing Services
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Preventive maintenance for equipment

With in-built capability to provide multi-disciplinary project teams comprising of its own core group of professionals and specialists, WAMAX provides consultancy services in all facets of Water Resources. Our dedicated water consultants operate across all sectors of the water industry, for all types of clients, globally. Whether your business involves water resources, water supply or waste water – we can provide you with innovative and sustainable solutions. Our knowledge of the environmental impacts of water developments enables us to undertake projects in a way that will improve quality of life for beneficiaries – without damaging the environment. Water treatment, sewage treatment, water supply distribution, storage and pumping, studies and formulation of policies in water efficiency and several one of a kind technical solutions are some of the areas of expertise in water management. Our water consultants capabilities includes:

  • Investigation and Development of Water Resources
  • Assessment of Water Needs
  • Implementation of Appropriate Supplies
  • Treat ability and disposal of Waste Water

In response to growing interest into global water stress and its future impact on both society and business, WAMAX conducts research on these issue and prepare a survey to better understand the current state of water management practices today and gauge perceptions on nature of water challenges ahead. In Water surveys, We examine the physical and geochemical characteristics of aquifers, the quantity, quality and integrated management of groundwater and surface water, the effects of climate change and protection of water supplies. The water survey also involves monitoring groundwater levels, computer simulation to assist water management and integrating geochemistry with studies of groundwater geology.

As one of the world’s leading water resources engineering firms, WAMAX works closely with our clients to pioneer affordable solutions to protect, enhance, store and distribute water. Our water resources engineers have conducted numerous investigations, water quality evaluations and basin management studies; and provided planning, design, and construction management services for water resources projects.

  • Water Main Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • SBR Process
  • Water Main Rehabilitation
  • Treatment Processes

Water auditing by qualified technicians is an essential part of any water management strategy and our technicians are the best in the business. Proving their excellence time and time again our teams deliver where others have failed; whether locating an elusive leak or providing a resolution to a problem others have deemed unfathomable. A water audit provides you with a full understanding of where and how water is used and discharged from your property. A comprehensive log of all water point and facilities is uploaded onto our Waterline system proving water consumption patterns. Once that is understood we provide you with the knowledge and capability to minimise both your costs and consumption and maximise the natural resource wherever possible. We will address any aspects of overcharging applied by your supplier, proving the opportunities identified through a historical audit. The audit will validate all charges levied by assessing the meter capacity and accuracy, testing the integrity of your supply, understanding your consumption and assessing your drainage and trade effluent discharge. Where a problem is found a solution will be given.

We undertake erection and commissioning and servicing of All types of water and waste water treatment plants,which includes:

  • Reverse Osmosis plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Zero Liquid Discharge plants
  • Filtration Plants

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